Sounding the death knell for adoption?

The 2016 World Adoption Day celebrations are proving muted, overshadowed by the election soap opera in America, and here at home by the crushing disclosure that there were only 1,165 adoptions last year. In a country with 3-million orphans and tens of thousands of crisis pregnancies annually, adoptions have stuttered and, in some cases, stopped. While reported reasons range from fear of child trafficking to bureaucratic sabotage, most agree that in child protection, the gap between what is legislated and what is achievable is widening. So, how will the government and adoption community respond to the crisis?
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Sounding the death knell for adoption?

Sounding the death knell for adoption?

Update on the drafting of a policy on child care and protection

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Child Abandonment and Illegal Abortions on the Increase

Government, child protection organisations and civil society need to find common ground to address humanitarian crisis facing SA’s vulnerable children and mothers!

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NOV 25 – 16 days campaign release

Gone without a trace: The shocking fate of South Africa’s abandoned children

Stereotypical pictures of illegal abortion practices are of doctors with bloodied aprons and carving knives, but modern “clinics” are usually run by criminals. Women are instructed to take drugs (orally or vaginally) and are sometimes told that the baby “will dissolve” or be “flushed away”. By ROBYN WOLFSON VORSTER

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Swapped babies to remain with families raising them

Three judges of the Pretoria High Court decided on Monday that two toddlers swapped at birth must remain with the families who have raised them.

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Gauteng’s abandoned babies: A growing social crisis

Almost 400 babies have been abandoned in Gauteng hospitals over the past three years. Fear, resentment and poverty are just some of the reasons cited for parents walking away from their newborns.

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Children’s Amendment Bills: Ubuntu and the ongoing child protection debate

The public hearings held by the government portfolio committee tasked with assessing the Children’s Amendment Bills were a stark reminder that many sectors of government still believe that ubuntu is the panacea for all of our orphans’ ills. In the context of child protection, ubuntu is epitomised by community-based care and the principle that no child is left behind. But ubuntu alone is not the solution.

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Lawyers fight for adoption maternity leave

Published: Sept. 29, 2015, 8:54 a.m. by Nushera Soodyal –

A group of lawyers is set to challenge South Africa’s labour legislation relating to maternity leave for adoptive parents.

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Parliament to review Children Amendment Bill

The fate of South Africa’s three and a half million orphans was in the spotlight at Parliament on Wednesday 23rd Sept 2015.

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