How to Become a Member

Fill Out the Membership Form and mail it, along with proof of payment of application fee to

NACSA New Member App

Application fee is R250.  There is also an annual fee of R250.  See here for account info.

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding how to fill out the form, see below.

Who Can Become a Member?

Any individual or organization is eligible to apply for membership to the National Adoption Coalition (NACSA).  After all forms are completed, applicable documentation submitted, and the application fee transferred, the National Executive Board will review each applicant to determine acceptance.  Acceptance is determined by a history of adherence to ethical standards and practices in the area of adoption.

What Categories of Membership are there?

Category 1:  Accredited Service Providers

In order to qualify for this category, you must be accredited in terms of the Children’s Act no 38 of 2005.  Proof of current registration from the Department of Social Development must be submitted with this application.  Individual social workers employed by accredited CPO’s must provide CPO adoption registration documents, in addition to their own accreditation.

This category includes accredited individuals or organisations, such as

  • Adoption Accredited Social Workers, employed by an Adoption Accredited Child Protection Organisation,
  • Adoption Accredited Social Workers in Private Practice,
  • Social Workers, employed by the Department of Social Development,
  • And Adoption Accredited Child Protection Organisations

Category 2:  Support Services

In order to qualify for this category, you must be duly registered as an NPO and registered with the DSD or other government department.  Proof of current registration as an NPO and DSD registration must be submitted with your application.

This category includes registered facilities that offer support services to adoption, such as

  • Child and Youth Care Centres (CYCCs),
  • Birth Mother Facilities,
  • Crisis Services,
  • and other relevant organisations.

Category 3:  Friends of Adoption

No official registration or accreditation is needed in order to qualify for this category.  However, under this category, you will not qualify for entry into the addoption database, as outlined under the Benefits section of this website.

This category includes individuals or organisations that consider themselves invested in adoption, such as

  • support groups,
  • interested bodies or parties,
  • other organisations
  • adoptees
  • birth parents
  • adopters

Should I Apply as an Individual or Organisation?

If you are a member of an organisation seeking membership to NACSA, you may also apply as an individual.  There are several benefits to applying both as an organisation and as an individual, if applicable.

Applying as an individual will provide you direct access to support services, resources, and communication.  (Only category 1 individuals are eligible to hold the position of Chairman or Vice Chairman.)  Category 1 and 2 individuals may also be listed on the addoption database.

Applying as an organisation will provide your organisation with all the same support services, resources, and communication that individuals receive.  In addition, category 1 and 2 organisations may be listed on the addoption database.

Are There Fees Involved?

There is a R250 application fee, due before the application will be reviewed.  Pending acceptance, there is a R250 annual membership fee that is due by January 31st of each year.  A portion of this fee goes towards the maintenance of provincial branches.  This amount is subject to increase. Notification of any increases will be given in writing.

Can My Membership be Revoked or Changed?

All members are obligated to adhere to the National Adoption Coalition’s Code of Conduct.  Any member who fails to abide by these ethical guidelines risks review by the National Executive Board and possible dismissal from the coalition.  No fees will be refunded.

Upon expiry of previously submitted accreditation or registration documentation, you will need to submit updated documents.  Failure to submit this documentation will result in being moved to category 3 status and removal from the addoption database.